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❀ Thank you ❀

I just want to say Thank you so much for every order you place. 

It makes me happy to send packages to you in your countries, cities, towns. It helps me To Feel and To See our world (well, at least our planet) more clear. I always check the photos of your city/town and smile. I really do! And this is so inspiring that nature helps my work, my work helps your creativity and together we create something brand new - this is interaction of energies and inspirational ideas <3 that’s why I keep creating and where I’m looking for the inspiration. And I always prepare each order with love and care, I carefully wrap it, carefully write your name and address. I’m grateful for the opportunity to live all over the world, because when I send you a package, I also send a part of me - a part of my soul and thoughts.

Thank you, thank you so so much.


"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world"